This Cookies Policy applies to the Agroop’s websites, Services and equipment that gather data and present these terms.

Most of Agroop’s websites use “cookies” – small text files stored in your device – to help the websites in the gathering of information about online activities.
A cookie’s text consists, often, of a sequence of numbers and letters (an ID) that identifies, uniquely, your computer, although it may contain some other information as well.

Our websites can also contain web markers or other similar technologies. We use cookies and similar technologies for several purposes, listed with more detail below.

1. How to control cookies and similar technologies 

We provide browser controls to help you manage the cookies. You can also accept cookies without receiving, however, personalized advertising.

2. Browser controls to block cookies 

Most of the web browsers automatically accepts the cookies. However, you can alter your browser’s definitions to block cookies. You can also check the instructions regarding blocking cookies in browsers in the respective browser privacy declaration.

Please note that, if you choose to block cookies, it may be impossible to login or use interactive features from Agroop’s websites and Services, and you will lose some advertising preferences that depend on the cookies.

3. Browser controls to delete cookies

You can check the instructions concerning the elimination of cookies on the browsers in the corresponding browser privacy declaration.

Please note that, if you choose to delete cookies, any settings and preferences controlled by those cookies, including advertising preferences, will be deleted and may have to be created again.

4. Browser controls to “Not monitor” and monitoring protection 

Some more recent browsers incorporate “Don’t control” features. Most of these features, when activated, send a signal or a preference to the websites you visit, informing that the User doesn’t wish to be controlled. Those websites (or third-party contents on those sites) may remain involved in activities the User may consider as control, although his preference was evident, depending on those websites privacy settings. Today, there is no agreement when it comes to the DNT signal interpretation; Consequently, Agroop, doesn’t respond to browsers DNT signals in our own websites or online services, or third-party websites and online services in which we provide advertising, content or gather information. We are keeping track of the online industry and waiting for an agreement regarding how to handle DNT signals.

5. Advertisement presentation 

Most of the ads presented will be created by Agroop itself. When you are faced with an ad, we will place one or more cookies in your computer and devices so that these are recognized anytime any other ad is presented to you after. This entire process allows us to compile information, throughout the time, about the type of pages, content and ads that are visited or viewed by you or whoever uses your computer and/or devices. Therefore, this compilation will help us select, insightfully, the ads we present to you so that those ads are nor constantly presented to you and to make sure all those presented to you match your interests.

Most of the web browsers allows you to manage your cookies preference. You can setup your browser to refuse cookies or eliminate some in particular. In general, you should be able to also manage similar technologies the same way you manage the cookies, using the browsers preference. The following links show you how to adjust your browser settings (according to the most popular browsers):

– Internet Explorer

– Firefox

– Safari

– Chrome

Please note that, if you choose to block the cookies that we want to put in your browser, you will be invariably deteriorating the good performance of our services, considering that you are placing a barrier in our communication to you as our Client.

One of the third-party services we use to register the activity related to a certain service of ours (placement of cookies, for example), is Google Analytics.
If you don’t want Google Analytics to gather or use any information, you can install an opt-out option in your web browser.

6. Advertisement refusal controls 

Considering cookies can be used for many purposes, Users that don’t want to receive personalized ads can choose to accept cookies and refuse, simultaneously, that particular purpose. Companies related to the online advertisement field have elaborated guidelines and programs to help establish the Users’ privacy protection, and these programs include web pages to which you can access to refuse the receiving personalized ads from every participant companies (including Agroop).

These pages include:

(A) A page of the options of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) consumer:;

(B) A page of cancellation from Network Advertising Initiative (NAI):

In Europe, you can also visit you options page online:
The advertisement companies may also offer their own possibilities of ads refusal, plus more advanced advertisement options. Please note that the refusal doesn’t mean that you will stop receiving adds or see less ads, it means the ads you receive will not be personalized. Besides that, the refusal doesn’t prevent the information from entering our servers, but it stops is from create and update profiles that may be used to behavioral advertisement.

7. More information

To get more information about the cookies use (and also how to block them), visit, (Europe) or (USA).

If you have any questions or commentaries about the use we give to the cookies, please contact us using the email

We also allow other advertisement companies, including other advertisement networks, to display ads on our websites. In some cases, these third-parties can also put cookies in your computer and gather information about your online activities on websites or online services.

8. Third-parties analysis control 

As precisely specified below, many Agroop’s websites and online services and other companies use third-parties’ analysis services which use cookies and web signals to compile bundled statistics regarding the promotional campaigns efficiency or other website’s operations. You can refuse the gathering or the use of data by any of these analysis providers, by clicking on the following links:

(A) Omniture (Adobe):

(B) Nielsen:

(C) Coremetrics:

(D) Visible Measures:

(E) Google Analytics: (it requires the installation of a browser complement)

9. Our cookies use 

Agroop’s websites use cookies to several purposes, such as, to store your preferences and settings. If you insert your city or zip code to get the local news and weather information, we can storage that city and zip code in a cookie so that you can see the most relevant information when you return to the site. This process can save you time, eliminating the need to insert the same data any time you use the service.

10. Login and authentication 

By logging in a site or service using your Agroop account, we store an exclusive ID and the time of the login in an encrypted cookie on your device. That cookie allows you to browse the pages without having to login again on each page.

11. Personalized advertisement

When we present you online ads, we put one or more cookies in your device so that we are able to recognize it and give you personalized ads. The presentation of the ads on our advertisement Partners’ websites and editors, as well as our own websites, allows us to compile information throughout the time about the type of pages, content and ads that are visited or viewed by you or whoever uses your equipment or device. This information allows us to select the ads we present you, avoiding that the same ads are repeatedly presented to you. It also helps us select and present personalized advertisement that we believe are of your interest.

12. Website analysis 

We may use cookies to obtain the exclusive number of visitors of a web page or service, or to develop other bundled statistics about the operations of our sites and services. These analyses help us operate and improve the performance of these sites and services.

Some of the cookies that we usually use are listed subsequently. This list is not extensive, but it intends to illustrate the main reasons why we use cookies.
If you visit any of our websites, there might be there some or all the following cookies:

VISIT. Identifies specific browsers which visit our websites. It is used for advertisement, website analysis and other operational purposes;

ANON. Contains the ANID, an exclusive identifier used to help identify the ads that the Users like you might like. It is also used to keep you option to refuse our Agroop’s personalized advertising if you choose to associate that refusal to your Agroop account.

CC. Contains a country code as determined by the IP address reverse consultation.
Authentication of the Agroop account. Authentication cookies (such as RPSTAuth, MSNRPSAuth, KievRPSAuth) useful when you log in in you Agroop account.

NAP. Contains an encrypted version of your country, zip code, age, gender, language and job, if they are known, based on the profile of your Agroop account.

MH. It comes up on sites that cooperate with other brands in which Agroop establishes partnerships with an advertiser. This cookie identifies the advertiser so that the correct ad can be selected.

ACH01. Stores information about the ads that you clicked on and where on the ad you clicked.

TOptOout. Registers your decision to not receive our personalized advertsiment.

Besides the cookies defined by us depending on the website you visit, it is also possible that third-parties define cookies when you visit the same sites. If that happens, that outside entity will be hired by us to provide services in our name, such as website analyses. Another reason can be the fact that our web pages present third-parties contents or ads, like videos, news or ads sent by other advertiser networks.

Once your browser connects to those third-parties web servers to get that content, these can place or read their own cookies on your device and gather information about you online activities on websites or online services.

13. Our web beacons use 

Our web pages can contain electronic images known as web beacons – sometimes named single pixel gifs – which can be used to help send our websites’ cookies, count the Users of those pages and provide bundled marketing services. Sometimes we include web beacon in our promotional messages or email newsletters solely to determine if the messages were open and used.

We also occasionally work with other companies that advertise on our websites, putting web beacons in those sites or ads so that we can develop statistics about the frequency of purchases or other actions caused by a click placed on an Agroop’s website.

Finally, our websites may contain third-parties web beacons to help compile bundled statistics about the efficiency of our promotional campaigns or other operations on our sites. These web beacons may allow third-parties to put or read a cookie on your computer or device. These companies can gather information about your online activities on websites or online servers. However, we will not allow third-parties to use web beacons to gather or access to information that directly identify you (such as your name and email). You can refuse the data gathering or it use by these external data analysis companies, as mentioned in “Third-parties analyses control”.

14. Other similar technologies

Besides the normal cookies and web beacons, the websites can use other technologies to save and read data files on your device. The purpose of this procedure may be to keep your preferences or improve the speed and performance of the System, considering it can store specific files. However, and similarly to the normal cookies, these technologies can also be used to save an exclusive identifier of your computer or device; this indicator may later be useful to monitor your online activity. These technologies include shared local objects (or “flash cookies”), local Storage HTML5 and Silverlight Application Storage.

15. Agroop’s Contacts

If you have any question related to technical support, contact us using the following email

If your doubts are related to privacy or you want to ask the Agroop’s Privacy official a question, or if you wish to request access to your personal information, contact us via:


– Mail (Headquarters): Agroop – Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos, Edifícios Centrais sala 8, R/C, Rua da Criatividade, 2510-216 Óbidos, Portugal;

– Mail (Office): Agroop – Elospark II, Estrada de São Marcos 33, Escritório 11, 2735-521, Sintra, Portugal;

– Telephone (Office): (+351) 214 240 126

You can contact the responsible for eAgroop, Lda. data protection using the following address: eAgroop Lda., Parque Tecnológico de Óbidos, Edifícios Centrais Sala 8, R/C, Rua da Criatividade, 2510-216 Óbidos, Portugal.